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Kristian Kaarna 1969 Finland

Sometimes, you have to go a long way to see things closer. Kristian Kaarna is a Finnish photographer who feels at home all over the world. After having studied and lived, for a long time, in numerous countries he discovered the Finnish character within him. Kaarna loves travel and city life but also knows how to meditate in the quiet of the countryside and the beauty of nature.

Initially, he drew on natural themes in his photographs from Argentina, but then he began to observe his environment in all the diversity of subjects it offers. The photographs do not represent a specifically identifiable region, but it may be considered that these are full of his love of his roots of Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. Besides water, Kristian Kaarna’s camera often views phenomena in the sky and green landscapes.

From a technical standpoint, these unique photographs reflect abstract and very detailed and supernatural phenomena. In his photographs, he is not content solely to capture beautiful landscapes. By editing and combining the photographs, Kristian Kaarna shapes a subconscious material that each person can interpret in their own way. The photographs are not devoid of truth and authenticity, because Kristian Kaarna does not touch the original colours and light.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Kaarna’s gift is to share his personal experiences with others through his photographs. We need Kristian Kaarna to make us stop and point out that clouds have a golden lining.

-Tina Cavén-

Kristian Kaarna’s photos are easily approachable, however, they restrain from
being simple and light. On the contrary, his photos are technically unique,
endlessly transformable, therefore allowing the viewer to depict new aspects each
-Tina Cavén-      5.9.2011

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