The photographer Kristian Kaarna offers us visual sensations through May-June in Paris, on the occasion of the Design en Seine event. Kristian Kaarna who is forging an international career bases his inspiration on Finnish nature. For the inauguration of this event on 30.05.2012, the major natural oeuvre of Kristian Kaarna will serve as the backdrop for a fashion show of the summer 2012 fashion Lightness of Being by the great Finnish designer Jasmin Santanen. The artistic photographs by K. Kaarna will be presented at this exhibition together with Jasmin Santanen on the banks of the Seine which will be held in a village of shipping containers. The exhibition is open from 31.05 to 4.06.2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
”For several years now, I have noticed that my camera increasingly focusses on the landscape and its various appearances. I have worked extensively on how to capture exciting moments and phenomena that occur in nature. Based on the feedback from exhibitions, I believe that I have found my style, one that also allows me to communicate great experiences to my audience,” says Kristian Kaarna.

The photography exhibition of Kristian Kaarna allows us to discover superb photographs of landscapes and the sky that offer the audience variations of shape and light, and an infinite world of subjects. These top quality artistic creations also show a high level of technical know-how. The work of Kristian Kaarna, who is forging an international career, will also be exhibited elsewhere in Europe.

The Lifestyle concept, created jointly by Jasmin Santanen and Kristian Kaarna will be presented for the first time during Designer’s Days in Paris. In this concept, photography and fashion form a unified entity that reflects Finnish identity and holistic well-being while emphasising the importance of nature, awakener of inner beauty.


Kristian Kaarna:
+358 44 956 85 85

Context information about Kristian Kaarna
The photographs do not represent a specifically identifiable region but we could think they are full of his love of his roots in the Finland of the lakes. In addition to water, the Kristian’s camera often views the phenomena of the sky and green landscapes.
Printed in a large format, the technique used by Kristian offers an atypical surface for photography, where every detail is as accurate as the whole photograph. The eyes are not set to a determined point on the surface but may move endlessly over the image as though watching a real landscape. New details are constantly discovered. The photographs are easy to approach but are not simple or light. They are technically exceptional and their contents are endlessly changeable; thus making them enduring. 


Context information about 1-2-3-Helsinki – Design en Seine
The photography exhibition of Kristian Kaarna is part of the event which involved a week (30.05-04.06.2012) within which the river Seine in Paris will play the principal role. Shipping containers will be placed at three locations along the river, and each of them illustrates an exhibition on a different theme. A shuttle boat will provide a shuttle service between these containers which will take the audiences from one point to another.1–2–3–Helsinki – Design en Seine is an event that brings together Finnish design and cuisine and for which the main emphasis is on the high level design and presentation of new innovations, with the support of healthy food and Finnish cuisine.

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